EOSC CZ election 2024: who will lead the working groups of the EOSC initiative?

The first election of EOSC CZ (European Open Science Cloud in the Czech Republic) working group leaders is "around the corner". In the second part of March, EOSC working group members will vote on their representatives for the upcoming two-year term. The working group leaders have a crucial role in steering the Czech EOSC community and shaping strategies for research data sharing in the Czech Republic. Read on to find out how the election will take place and where you can find information about the candidates for the leadership position now.

5 Mar 2024 Marie Hošťálková

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As the election date draws near, scheduled from 18th to 21st March, members of the EOSC CZ working groups are gearing up to select their representatives. The chosen individuals will hold a leading role in the EOSC initiative and shape the collaborative development of a national strategy for research data sharing over the next two years. Through active participation in the election, working group members will impact the direction and future of open science in the Czech Republic.

A democratic election process ensures that the EOSC working groups in the Czech Republic continue to be led by experts possessing the necessary knowledge, motivation, and community support. Candidates vying for positions as working group leaders have submitted their professional credentials and prior work experiences, allowing working group members to familiarize themselves with the candidates before the election. These candidate portfolios have been published in a brochure on the EOSC CZ website in the Czech and English versions. According to Dominika Králiková, PR & Marketing Specialist at the EOSC CZ Secretariat, the booklet serves as a valuable tool: "The booklet containing candidates' profiles isn't just a list of names; it's a comprehensive presentation of each candidate in one place. It aids working group members in better understanding the motivations of each candidate."

The election process occurs online via a secure electronic voting system, offering working group members a simple and convenient way to express their preferences. Voters also have the option to abstain directly from voting during the election. However, for a candidate to win, they must secure at least 25% of the total votes cast. Any working group member who has properly registered for a specific working group through the registration form on the EOSC CZ website by March 17th, the day preceding the online election, is considered an eligible voter. The election process follows the Statutes and Rules of Procedure outlined by the EOSC CZ Working Group.

For up-to-date information on the election process, please visit the EOSC CZ website: EOSC Working Group Leaders' Election 2024.

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