Upcoming Key Milestone: Inaugural Election of EOSC Working Group Leaders in the Czech Republic

The European Open Science Cloud initiative in the Czech Republic (EOSC CZ) is approaching a crucial milestone in March this year - the election of working group leaders. The elected leaders will guide the initiative towards invention and development in research data management. The election occurs every two years, and the upcoming vote is a premiere for the EOSC CZ initiative. This event is a unique opportunity for the Czech scientific community to get involved in shaping the future of open science.

13 Feb 2024 Marie Hošťálková

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The working groups of the EOSC CZ initiative, which aims to create an efficient system for storing and sharing scientific data, connect the Czech scientific community across scientific disciplines. For scientists, professionals and academics, the upcoming elections represent an exceptional opportunity to actively influence the path of science and research in the Czech research data management. The elected leaders of the twelve working groups will play a key role in defining the initiative strategy and addressing specific issues related to the National Data Infrastructure, which aims to create a platform where Czech scientists can keep their data.

Radka Wildová, Director General for Higher Education, Science and Research section at the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic, highlights the exceptional opportunity presented by the election of leaders for the EOSC CZ working groups: "The level of effort to build consensus across the scientific community is unique within the EOSC CZ initiative and underlines the nationwide nature of the challenges we face in the area of digitisation of scientific processes, and in particular the management of research data as an important outcome of science in our country. I want to call on the entire scientific community in the Czech Republic to pay attention to this unique initiative and actively participate in the activities of EOSC CZ working groups and electing their new leaders."

The election of EOSC Working Group leaders in the Czech Republic occurs in accordance with democratic principles and transparent procedures.Matej Antol, IPs EOSC-CZ project manager, points out: "The EOSC CZ initiative represents a unique opportunity to advance Czech science. I am absolutely convinced that the fulfilment of its potential depends on the ability to expose its plans and activities to expert assessment by researchers and other professionals in the field of research data management. The election of working group leaders is thus also an election about coordinating the search for professional consensus in the research community."

Significant entities in any electoral process are the candidates interested in leadership roles. Potential working group leaders are required to be participants within their respective groups and cannot participate as voters in the upcoming election. They can communicate their visions and strategic plans prior to the actual voting process, thus enabling them to clarify their proposed contributions to the objectives of EOSC CZ. Members of the working groups elect their leaders during a designated three-day period, 18th - 21st March 2024. The working group election committee, consists of two working group members and the secretary, oversees the voting process to ensure its adherence to Statute and Rules of Procedure for working groups.

Šárka Pospíšilová, Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies at Masaryk University, says: "We are very pleased that Masaryk University is coordinating the IPs EOSC-CZ project, which plays a key role in the implementation of the principles of open science and is also of strategic importance for the entire Programme Johannes Amos Comenius (P JAC). The members of the working groups and especially their elected leaders will become active members of the EOSC initiative in the Czech Republic and can contribute to the shift of the entire Czech scientific community in the field of research data management. Therefore, it is essential for individual scientists to consider active participation in EOSC CZ working groups."

The election of working group leaders is fundamental to the scientific community in research data management. The democratic election process ensures that the EOSC Working Groups in the Czech Republic will continue to be led by qualified experts who have the necessary competence, community support and motivation to achieve the goals set. The leaders of the working groups will be key figures not only at the national level but also in the international context, where they will actively contribute as representatives of the Czech scientific community to shape European standards and practices in research data management.

For up-to-date and detailed information on the elections, results, and progress of the individual working groups, please visit the official EOSC CZ website: Election of EOSC CZ working group leaders 2024.

The press releasse is avalaible for download here.

The initiative EOSC CZ is a part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), dedicated to foster Open Science by enhancing research data management infrastructure. As part of this broader European effort, the EOSC-CZ IPs project has been established at the national level. It is responsible for the implementation of this initiative in the Czech Republic.

The main goal to EOSC CZ's mission is to design a domestic version of the European initiative alongside the promotion of optimal practices in research data management traversing various scientific domains. The direct objective of EOSC CZ is to establish a National Data Infrastructure (NDI) pictured as the future hub for sharing, administering, and accessing research data. The NDI supports multidisciplinary research, covering a various scientific fields and disciplines. Involvement in supporting the EOSC initiative in the Czech Republic is open to everyone through the twelve EOSC CZ working groups.

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