Czech initiative EOSC knows the leaders of its working groups

The EOSC CZ (European Open Science Cloud in the Czech Republic) initiative has held its first election of working group leaders. Twelve democratically elected leaders have received mandates to lead the initiative's working groups toward innovation and progress in research data management. The elected working group leaders will play a key role in defining the initiative's strategy and addressing specific challenges related to the National Data Infrastructure.

27 Mar 2024 EOSC CZ SecretariatInstitute of Computer Science

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Working Group members selected the leaders of the twelve EOSC CZ Working Groups. All of them presented their professional portfolios to the voters, presenting their previous work experience that allowed voters to get to know the candidates better before the election. The leaders not only lead the group but also suggest topics and give direction to the community. They always have a unique opportunity to influence the direction of research data management in the country.

The election took place digitally, utilizing electronic voting methods. From 18th to 21st March 2024, every eligible voter had the chance to participate by casting votes. Those eligible included individuals who had officially registered for a particular working group by 17th March 2024. The electoral process followed the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the EOSC Initiative in the Czech Republic. For a mandate to be secured, it was necessary to receive a minimum of 25% of the votes.

According to Michaela Ručková, one of the main organisers of the elections, the elections were an extraordinary opportunity to move the initiative and Czech science forward: "The democratic election process ensures that the EOSC CZ working groups will continue to be led by highly qualified experts who have the necessary knowledge and support from the community. These leaders are not only key figures at the national level but can actively shape European standards and practices in research data management."

The new leaders will take up their posts from 26th March 2024. The next election will take place in two years, in the spring of 2026.

National Data Infrastructure Architecture
David Antoš

Petra Černohlávková
National Technical Library

Basic services
Michal Růžička
Masaryk University / e-INFRA CZ

Education and Human Resources
Radka Římanová
Central Library of Charles University

Jiří Vondrášek
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS / ELIXIR - CZ

Materials Science and Technology
Marek Cebecauer
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS

Data management for artificial intelligence and machine learning
Jan Martinovič
IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

Social Sciences
Jindřich Krejčí
Institute of Sociology of the CAS

Physical Sciences
Jiří Chudoba
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

Humanities and Arts
Jan Hajič
Charles University / LINDAT / CLARIAH-CZ

Environmental Sciences
Jana Klánová
Masaryk University / RECETOX

Sensitive data
Zdenka Dudová / Masaryk Cancer Institute

The press releasse is avalaible for download here.

The initiative EOSC CZ is a part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), dedicated to foster Open Science by enhancing research data management infrastructure. As part of this broader European effort, the EOSC-CZ IPs project has been established at the national level. It is responsible for the implementation of this initiative in the Czech Republic.

The main goal to EOSC CZ's mission is to design a domestic version of the European initiative alongside the promotion of optimal practices in research data management traversing various scientific domains. The direct objective of EOSC CZ is to establish a National Data Infrastructure (NDI) pictured as the future hub for sharing, administering, and accessing research data. The NDI supports multidisciplinary research, covering a various scientific fields and disciplines. Involvement in supporting the EOSC initiative in the Czech Republic is open to everyone through the twelve EOSC CZ working groups.

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