Participation of EOSC CZ at the e-INFRA CZ conference

Which international projects and research activities are shaping the current digital era? What services do researchers expect from e-infrastructures in the field of data processing and storage? What will the future bring? These were the main themes of the two-day e-INFRA CZ conference, which took place on 29-30 April 2024 at the Occidental Hotel in Prague.

16 May 2024

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E-INFRA is a unique national research e-infrastructure that provides capacity for processing and storing scientific data in the Czech Republic. It consists of three national e-infrastructures CERIT-SC, CESNET and IT4I. In addition to international topics, this year's conference also offered space for the presentation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative. Speakers from the EOSC-CZ project participated in both days of the conference and focused on the development of National Data Infrastructure (NDI) concepts, repositories for FAIR research data and other accompanying services that are closely linked to the development of research infrastructures. "The e-INFRA CZ conference and additional meetings act as a catalyst for innovation and progress, shaping the future of scientific research," commented Executive Director of CERIT-SC Matej Antol.

As emphasized by CERIT-SC Director Luděk Matyska, EOSC is celebrating almost a decade since the European Commission supported the creation of the FAIR ecosystem of scientific data sharing. According to Matyska, the primary goal is that eighty percent of scientists know where they can store their data and have the appropriate support to do so. A secondary goal is that scientists know where to look for data. The Czech EOSC-CZ project is working towards the above goals with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the support of the Czech scientific community.


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