EOSC CZ Secretariat

The EOSC CZ Secretariat is the central administrative, expert and support component of the EOSC initiative implementation and the provision of FAIR research data in the Czech Republic.

Its Key Activities Include:

  1. Monitoring and supporting the EOSC implementation in the Czech Republic.
  2. Providing broad publicity (including the development of the national EOSC portal) and continuously informing the Czech scientific community on the state of the implementation.
  3. Monitoring international (EU) EOSC activities and supporting those interested in active involvement at the European level (EOSC-A Task Forces).
  4. Administrative, logistical and expert support of the EOSC CZ Working Groups (WG ESOC CZ).
  5. Communication at the national level and linking to other related national activities (EOSC CZ Coordination Committee, ministries and other organisations supporting research and development).

The EOSC CZ Secretariat is part of the IPs EOSC-CZ project (KA2) and serves as a support unit for the entire implementation of the EOSC CZ initiative, i.e. for the development of the National Data Infrastructure (NDI).

The EOSC CZ Secretariat is part of the national e-infrastructure consortium e-INFRA CZ (CESNET, CERIT-SC, IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center) based at CERIT-SC, i.e. at the research centre of the Institute of Computer Science Masaryk University. The list of EOSC CZ Secretariat staff can be found here.


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