Practical licensing issues

  • 24 April 2024
    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • online

This course is held in the Czech language.

Annotation: In this lecture, we will discuss the issue of licensing. We will focus not only on the concept of IPR licensing but also on specific topics such as public licenses (e.g. Creative Commons), open-source licenses for software components (e.g. GNU GPL, MIT, BSD, etc.), and database licensing. We will also discuss how to approach licensing practically, i.e. which license to choose and which ones to avoid in certain situations, both from the perspective of the licensor (i.e. when we want to allow the use of our work under certain conditions) and from the perspective of the licensee (i.e. when we need to use someone else's copyrighted work).

Benefits for the attendees:

  • A basic understanding of the concept of licensing: participants will gain a clear understanding of what an IPR licence means.
  • Analysis of public licenses: Understanding the concept of public licenses, especially Creative Commons, will enable participants to understand better the possibilities of sharing and using content.
  • A practical look at open-source licenses: An introduction to well-known open-source licenses (GNU GPL, MIT, BSD) will give participants insight into the legal aspects of software licensing.
  • Database Licensing: An introduction to database licensing, which is crucial for those who work with data and need to understand the legal aspects of its use.
  • A practical approach to licensing: An insight into the practical aspects of licensing, including choosing the proper licence depending on the specific situation.
  • Understanding the differences in the perspectives of a licensor who wants to restrict or enable the use of his work and a licensee who needs to exploit someone else's copyright work.
  • Advice for decision-making in specific situations: Providing practical advice for situations where it is appropriate to choose a particular licence and, conversely, when it is better to avoid it.

Level:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Language: Czech

Prerequisites: Interest in intellectual property and issues related to licensing, open-source software, database acquisition and publishing, public and proprietary licenses.

Tutor: Mgr. Martin Loučka

Video recording

Mgr. Martin Loučka

Martin Loučka is a lawyer specialising in law in the digital world. He deals with intellectual property, software protection and licensing, trademarks and databases, and negotiating related commercial contracts in his practice. In addition to being a member of the Czech Bar Association, he is a member of the Czech national group ALAI (International Literary and Artistic Association) and of the Open Content, z.s., where he and his colleagues support the functioning of Creative Commons in the Czech Republic. Outside of his law practice, he is involved in software development.

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