Introduction to metadata II: metadata in the context of NRP

  • 15 June 2023
    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • online

This course is held in the Czech language.

Annotation: The second webinar session on introduction to metadata will follow the first session (8 June) and will consist of several shorter lectures. The introduction will summarize what was said in the first session, possibly adding additional terminological concepts and answering questions from the first session on metadata terminology. The second part will add information on the formats (languages) used for metadata schemas; in particular, JSON, JSON-LD, and YAML will be introduced. An important part will be presenting open data and the DCAT schema. The session will end with an introduction to the DataCite schema, essential for obtaining a DOI identifier for research data. Questions from the participants and discussion will follow this.

Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Language: Czech

Prerequisites: Interest in metadata issues.

Tutors: Petra Černohlávková, Hana Vyčítalová

Invited speakers: Miroslav Šimek, Jakub Klímek

Video recording

Petra Černohlávková

Petra Černohlávková works at the National Technical Library as the head of the Centre for Repositories and Metadata Management. She has long been involved in digital repositories, persistent identifiers and metadata descriptions of documents and research data. In the CARDS project, she is the expert guarantor of Key Activity 3 - Methodological support for working with research data metadata and persistent identifiers. She is also the leader of the EOSC-CZ Metadata Working Group. She is actively involved in the preparation of the National Repository Platform project.

Hana Vyčítalová

Hana Vyčítalová works at the National Technical Library in the Centre for Repositories and Metadata Management team as a metadata support coordinator. She has a long-standing interest in digital repositories and grey literature and has focused primarily on metadata descriptions of documents and research data for the last three years. She is active in the EOSC-CZ Metadata Working Group, where she is the deputy leader, and in other international working groups.

Miroslav Šimek

Miroslav Šimek is the architect of the national metadata directory and has been working in the area of data exchange formats between systems since the beginning of the century.

Jakub Klímek

Jakub Klímek has been working in the field of open and linked data since 2013 as a researcher at Charles University, focusing on the creation and use of linked data to improve data interoperability. Since 2015, he has also worked in the team of the National Open Data Coordinator at the Ministry of Interior and now at the Digital and Information Agency, where he is responsible for the creation of data standards in the form of open formal standards and the creation, operation and development of the National Catalogue of Open Data based on DCAT and DCAT-AP standards.

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