Election of EOSC CZ working group leaders 2024

18.-21. 3. 2024

Welcome to the election for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Working Group Leaders in the Czech Republic.

This election process is an opportunity for active engagement in shaping the trajectory of open science. They occur biennially and democratically, allowing for widespread participation in the decision-making process.

prof. PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc.

Director General for Higher Education, Science and Research section at MEYS

"The level of effort to build consensus across the scientific community is unique within the EOSC CZ initiative and underlines the nationwide nature of the challenges we face in the area of digitisation of scientific processes, and in particular the management of research data as an important output of science in our country. I want to call on the entire scientific community in the Czech Republic to pay attention to this unique initiative and actively participate in the activities of EOSC CZ working groups and electing their new leaders"

Election results for ESOC CZ 2024 Working Group Leaders


What do the working group leaders stand for?


Lead working group meetings and introduce new topics for discussion


Share information with working group members


Define the Czech EOSC community both domestically and internationally

Why participate?


Shape the future of EOSC by voting for candidates who embody its values


Contribute to the advancement of data-sharing infrastructure for research


Advocate for openness and transparency within the EOSC initiative

How will the election take place?


Modern, with just a few clicks


Protected vote


Transparency in every ballot


No description

Meet the candidates

Insight into working groups and election commissions

National Data Infrastructure (NDI) Architecture

  • Ing. et Ing. Radovan Pasek
  • Jan Dvořák, Dr.
  • Ing. Mgr.Michaela Ručková (ruckova@ics.muni.cz)


  • Mgr. Adrián Rošinec
  • Mgr. Cebecauer Marek Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Michaela Capandová (capandova@ics.muni.cz)

Core Services

  • Ing. Michal Mikl, Ph.D.
  • Kateřina Pleskotová
  • Ing. Mgr. Michaela Ručková (ruckova@ics.muni.cz)

Education and Human Resources

  • JUDr. Ing. Jitka Matějková
  • Mgr. Petra Dědičová
  • Mgr. Matyáš Hiřman (matyas.hirman@ruk.cuni.cz)


  • Ing. Michal Mikl, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Ondřej Hradil
  • Mgr. Jaroslav Juráček, Ph.D. (juracek@ics.muni.cz)

Materials Sciences and Engineering

  • Bc. Věnceslav Chumchal
  • doc. Ing. Martin Kormunda, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Michaela Capandová (capandova@ics.muni.cz)

Data Management for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Ing. Lukáš Vojáček, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Ing. Josef Šivic
  • Ing. Michal Podhorányi, Ph.D. (michal.podhoranyi@vsb.cz)

Social Sciences

  • Mgr. Jindřich Fejfar
  • Mgr. Tomáš Čížek
  • Veronika Ambrozová, BSc. (Hons.), PhD (ambrozova@ics.muni.cz)

Physical Sciences

  • ​RNDr. Petr Čermák Ph.D.
  • RNDr. Karel Soustružník, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Matyáš Hiřman (matyas.hirman@ruk.cuni.cz)

Humanities and the Arts

  • JUDr. Ing. Jitka Matějková
  • Mgr. Ondřej Fúsik
  • Veronika Ambrozová, BSc. (Hons.), PhD (ambrozova@ics.muni.cz)

Environmental Sciences

  • Ing.Jan Ostřížek, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Ing. Kateřina Minhová Macounová
  • RNDr. Kateřina Snopková, Ph.D. (snopkova@ics.muni.cz)

Sensitive Data

  • Mgr. Adam Svobodník, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Věra Franková Ph.D. et Ph.D.
  • RNDr. Kateřina Snopková, Ph.D. (snopkova@ics.muni.cz)

Online voting guidelines

For detailed instructions, click the "Voting procedure".

Voting procedure

  1. Open the Election URL (from the email sent by no-reply@mail.heliosvoting.org)
  2. Click on "Start"
No description

3. Vote for a candidate (choose one possibility)
Click on "Proceed"

No description

5. Click on "Submit this Vote"

No description

6. Enter the credentials from the received email (the voter ID and password)
7. Click on "Authenticate & cast ballot"

No description

8. You will see the screen "Succesfully Cast!"

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9. You will receive an email with confirmation
10. Congratulations, you have completed the process

Additional Information

An individual who has completed registration for a working group via the registration form no later than 17 March 2024 (the day before the online election opens) is automatically a working group member and eligible to vote. The membership for each working group is available on the eosc.cz website.

The election of a working group leader necessitates a minimum of 25% of valid votes for at least one candidate, with a minimum participation rate of 30%. For a comprehensive understanding of potential scenarios during the election process, please read the EOSC Czech Working Groups Statutes and Rules of Procedure provided below.

If you have any questions about the elections that you have not found on our web portal, please contact your working group secretary. Contact details for the secretaries can be found in the section "Insight into working groups and election commissions".

Statutes and Rules of Procedure for EOSC Working Groups in the Czech Republic


News - Elections 2024

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