February 2024
8 Feb 2024, 16:54  |  Čeština

Hello open science enthusiasts,

Welcome to the February edition of the EOSC CZ newsletter! We're thrilled to bring you updates about the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative and not just from the Czech Republic.

In this issue, let's highlight the election of EOSC CZ working group leaders. It's an exciting milestone as members of EOSC initiative working groups in the Czech Republic embark on their first-ever journey to elect their representatives. Are you curious to dive deeper into the election process? Head over to our website at www.eosc.cz for more information. 

But that's not all! Our newsletter also features details about upcoming trainings and events. And you'll get an inside look at the 2023 year with the EOSC initiative in the interview with Jiří Marek, Head of Secretariat EOSC CZ. And don't miss out on the scoop about grants for innovative projects in open science.

Enjoy your reading!

Team of the EOSC CZ initiative


Pioneering the future: First elections of EOSC CZ working group leaders mark a milestone in Czech scientific advancement

EOSC's inaugural election in the Czech Republic: members of the working groups are gearing up to elect their representatives. Why do we choose the working group leaders, and what are the elections' goals?



EOSC CZ working group election: Nominating candidates and establishing election committees

The upcoming March elections of the EOSC initiative in the Czech Republic will decide the new representatives of the working groups. Who will ensure a fair voting process? And what impact will the elections have on the future of EOSC CZ?



Our training and other open science events

You can find all our training events in the Training Center section on the eosc.cz portal. If you missed any sessions, fear not! Recordings of completed trainings can be accessed on our YouTube channel EOSC Czech Republic.


Year 2023 with EOSC CZ: Interview with Jiří Marek, Head of the Secretariat EOSC CZ

How was the first year of the EOSC initiative in the Czech Republic? What were the main challenges? And what are the anticipated milestones in 2024? Read our interview with Jiří Marek who spent almost 365 days with the initiative EOSC in 2023.



Tailor-made grant for scientists

Secure a grant from the OSCARS project to fuel innovative projects within the field of Open Science. The cascading grants call opens this March, welcoming research teams and individuals from diverse scientific disciplines to apply.




NTK presents the 1st International Conference on Persistent Identifiers – PIDfest. Join the event from June 11th to 13th to explore practical challenges in implementing and using persistent identifiers throughout the research cycle. Are you interested in attending or submitting your paper? Click here for more information and registration.

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