October 2023
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Dear open science enthusiasts,

Welcome to the first EOSC-CZ newsletter. It brings you the latest news about the current development and activities of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in the Czech Republic. The EOSC-CZ project is a joint initiative of three academic and research institutions collaborating on building a national infrastructure to support open science. In the newsletter, you will learn more about the EOSC initiative, the EOSC-CZ project and the latest updates in the open science community. Find out more about what is happening in the EOSC world.

The EOSC-CZ project team

What is the EOSC initiative?

The EOSC initiative is a step forward in the Czech science and research. It aims to connect existing scientific communities and create a system for storing and sharing data. In the press release, you can read more about the development of the EOSC initiative to the Czech Republic and get to know its main benefits and future plans.



eosc.cz: the website you should know

The EOSC CZ initiative has come a long way. The launch of the EOSC-CZ website was a significant milestone of its activities. The website is available in two languages – Czech and English, and it obtains all essential information about the project, working groups, secretariat, training centre and its upcoming events. If you are interested in other EOSC-CZ activities, check them out below.





Our training and upcoming events on open science

The EOSC-CZ training centre prepares training and educational activities for you. Information about upcoming trainings and events from the open science environment is available in the Training Centre section on the eosc.cz website.



Professor Luděk Matyska: EOSC is not something that comes from the outside

Luděk Matyska, the representative of the EOSC mandate organization for the Czech Republic, spoke about the EOSC-CZ project in an interview for EOSC Focus. He mentioned not only the history of the EOSC project in the Czech Republic, but also its implementation. Plus, he revealed the motivation and future project visions.


The first National EOSC Tripartite Event attracted representatives from all over Europe

Open science and research data were the main topics at the historically first meeting of the National EOSC Tripartite Event. More than 150 representatives from Czech and foreign organisations that support open science and the EOSC met at the National Library of Technology in Prague.




EOSC Symposium 2023

Collaboration, information sharing and open access to research were the main discussion topics at the EOSC Symposium 2023. EOSC project representatives from across Europe gathered in Madrid, Spain, at the end of September. For the first time in its history, the event joined the EOSC representatives from the Czech Republic.


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