December 2023
5 Dec 2023, 14:00  |  Čeština

Dear open science enthusiasts,

Welcome to the December edition of the EOSC-CZ project newsletter with the latest updates on events and activities related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative in the Czech Republic.

Join us as we take you to the National Tripartite Event in Krakow, Poland, where Olga Bohuslavová, representing the Czech EOSC-CZ Secretariat, shared valuable experience with the international community. In this final newsletter of the calendar year, we are excited to share insights from the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences conference. Read the article about INFORM EU for a detailed overview of the European Commission plenary session, an event held for the first time in the Czech Republic. And in the end, check the enriching training sessions, contributing to your continuous learning in the field of open science.

As we approach the festive season, we hope our newsletter brings you joy and valuable insights from the open science environment.

Best wishes from the entire EOSC-CZ project team


Olga Bohuslavová presented the Czech EOSC initiative at the National Tripartite Event in Poland

In November, Krakow became the National Tripartite Event Poland venue, and its central theme was "Open Science for Better Science". Olga Bohuslavová, an international relations specialist from the Czech EOSC-CZ Secretariat, enriched the lectures and discussions on open science with her experience of the EOSC initiative implementation in our country.



Czech Social Science Data Archive celebrates 25 years

The data archive has been delivering services to students and researchers in the field of social sciences for a quarter of a century. The recent conference hosted by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences celebrated the Czech Social Science Data Archive's significant milestone. The event brought discussions on various topics, covering essential principles of open science, FAIR data practices, and engagement within the environment of the European Open Science Cloud or the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures.



EOSC CZ shone at INFORM EU: European communication experts learned about a unique Czech initiative

The INFORM EU session organised by the European Commission took place in the city of Ostrava, featuring presentations by representatives of the Czech EOSC initiative Jiří Marek and Marie Hošťálková. During their speech, they introduced the EOSC initiative, elucidating its objectives and detailing the project's communication strategy, emphasising its outreach beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.



Our training and other open science events

The Training Centre of EOSC-CZ is organising a series of training and educational activities for your benefit. Stay informed about upcoming sessions and events within the open science domain by checking the Training Centre section on the website. Valuable insights and opportunities for learning await you there.

Synchronisation Force 2nd Workshop Session 4: Trustworthy and FAIR-enabling repositories

Synchronisation Force 2nd Workshop Session 5: Legal & organisational interoperability

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